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How can I sign up my Child?

To register your interest in your child playing please go to our home page and fill our the contact us form. Please state in the form the birth year of your child. A representative from the relevant age group will then be in touch.

What kind of training do the coaches have?

All of our coaches undergo training provided by the SFA. All teams up to the age of 11 will have a minimum of 1 coach with 1.2 level coaching qualifications and teams 12+ years will have a minimum of 1 coach with 2.2 level coaching.

How many players are on the team roster?

This varies with age groups but also with the number of volunteers prepared to undertake the necessary training. Typically in Largs we have squad sizes up to 20 for the youth football and up to 25 for the senior football.

How much does it cost to play?

Our aim is to keep costs at a minimum for the parents. Typically the cost is between £10-15 a month for the youth squads and between £15-25 a month for the senior squads. The money received is used for the purchase of equipment, booking of pitches and in senior football the payment of match officials.

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Player Consent Form

This document is a SYFA Club Parental Consent Form which will be required by all children up until the age of 16. The form contains general and medical information about your child and includes consents for various things such as photography.

CAT Membership Form

This form is an application for shares into the Limited Company which has been set up for Community Asset Transfer of Bowencraig from North Ayrshire Council. More details can be found on the form.

Largs Colts Covid Protocols

This document is the current version of the Largs Colts Covid Protocols for all players, coaches, specators and visitors.

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